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June 8, 2009, 1:33 pm

Episode 40: Tablehopping with Marcia at Ubuntu

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Join Evan Goldstein and San Francisco’s own resident tablehopper e-columnist Marcia Gagliardi as they explore Napa’s Ubuntu restaurant. They discuss the cuisine, especially their love of Chef Jeremy Fox’s creative vegetarian fare, as well as the largely organic wine program.  Evan and Marcia explore the restaurant’s by-the-glass list, tasting the NV Domaine Carneros Brut from Carneros, California in the Premium price range, and discuss favorite restaurant pairings including Ubuntu’s signature Cauliflower Gratin. Come join Marcia and Evan and get a glimpse of what sets Ubuntu apart!

If you have never checked out Marcia’s tablehopper.com column before, you should! Subscribe to her fabulous e-column at tablehopper!


  1. Hi Evan- I heard you on the Ronn Owens show today, I was trying to get your input on certain wine accessories when Ronn hung up on me because he thought I was trying to plug a product, I wasn’t trying to do this, I was trying to find out more information on my suppliers product, hopefully you can tell me if this really works. The product is called Clef du Vin. This item is suppose to be for red wines by the glass only and how it works is you, you dip the tip of the Clef du Vin into a glass of red wine and the wine is suppose to age 1 year for every second you use it. I want to introduce this item to my clients but I want to make sure it’s a good product. Do you know anything about this product?

    posted by Ritch DeBiaso at 12:13 pm on June 12, 2009

  2. Dear Ritch–

    I recall your phone in and yes, Ronn did perceive it that way. I have no personal experience with the product so it’s hard for me to weigh in. You may want to try and research it online to see if anyone has indeed tried it. If you find out, lemme know too as I would be curious.

    All the best..


    posted by admin at 3:26 pm on July 13, 2009

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